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The Auburn Preservation League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

                         Auburn Preservation League Areas of Interest

APL members are encouraged to get involved with the various “area’s of interest “ that are listed below.

 Finance- The finance committee, In concert with the president and the Board of Directors, shall develop a budget for approval at the board’s first meeting of each year.

Projects- This committee shall identify APL projects and make appropriate recommendations to the board annually.

Social- This committee shall recommend social events, with an emphasis on inclusive, board based networking with the community, garnering support wherever it may be found.

Membership- This committee shall create specific membership goals, as well as the directives to implement those goals, and present them to the board.

Public Relations- This committee shall create and sustain positive relationships with media outlets, thereby promoting APL’s mission, projects and opportunities.

Draft Policies- Work with appropriate entities and government officials for the development of policies and procedures to insure the integration of new buildings with existing buildings , structures and sites.

Young Adults - The focus of this committee is for the development and implementation of ideas for the University students and young adult members of APL.

 Research & Development -Develop a log of at-risk houses, buildings and historic sites by name of owner, location, physical location and/or other pertinent information that will be needed at the next level of implementation of this objective.

Networking - Develop a list of associations, organizations and commissions who have similar missions. Brainstorm ideas as to how APL can provide a forum for cooperative efforts of the above resources, including business, industry and government for initiatives of working together to promote the historic preservation and beauty of Auburn.


Member Involvement 

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