Auburn Preservation League

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About Us

The Auburn Preservation League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization


Board meets 1st Tuesday of each month@5:30 pm

[open meetings public invited] 

Chamber of Commerce Building
​714 E Glenn Ave, Auburn, AL 36830

Dr.Bobby B. Dees House

                           The Auburn Preservation League Objectives
1.)  To provide leadership in the preservation of the community's historic structures and sites.

2.)  To foster community sentiment for the restoration and/or the creative adaptive reuse of the community's historic structures and sites.

3.)  To promote and secure funding sources to support community historic preservation efforts.

4.)  To work with appropriate entities and government officials toward the development of policies and procedures to ensure the integration of new buildings with existing historic buildings, structures, and sites.

5.)  To promote the development of common goals with other associations, organizations, civic and church groups, to promote historic preservation.

6.)  To provide a forum for the cooperative efforts and resources of citizens, businesses, associations, civic organizations and government to promote the historic preservation and beauty of our community.

7.)  To receive and administer funds for these and any others purposes approved by the board of directors.